We all understand that it’s difficult to find the perfect home and, often, buying your own property involves compromise, whether that’s in terms of the size of the garden, the number of bedrooms or where your home is located.

However, there are some renovation projects that could make you happier in your home, new research from online estate agent Tepilo has found.

The Express reported on a survey carried out by the firm, which found that people living in bungalows are the most likely to say they’re very happy with their property.

Those living in terraced houses are least likely to be happy with their home, the research noted. The homeowners questioned also revealed that they’d need to spend an average of £21,376 to make them completely happy with their home.

Among the projects they’d undertake to achieve this was creating more storage space. Investing in storage conversions in Mansfield could therefore be a good option if you don’t want to move but want to feel happier where you are living.

Earlier this year, the Manchester Evening News revealed that having a storage conversion in your attic could even make you money, if you rent some of the space out. According to the news provider, this can give you an extra £2,000 a year tax-free if you have a large enough area to rent out.

Other home improvements identified in the Tepilo survey as helping people feel happier in their homes included fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, while simply carrying out a deep clean, getting a new sofa, or having fresh flowers can also lift people’s moods.