Once you have got the best loft conversion Derby has to offer then you will want to start kitting it out with the best furniture you can find.

You may be quite eco conscious and aware of the carbon footprint that can come from building and furnishing your home, and be wondering about what the best option is. You are not alone. IKEA has been considering different ways to reduce the impact of furniture on the environment, as its boss revealed in a recent interview.

Jesper Brodin, chief executive of IKEA was part of a panel discussion about the sustainability of home furnishings, and he happened upon a number of interesting ideas for reducing environmental impacts.

He suggested that renting out furniture could be an option, particularly in urban areas.

“So we are testing radical solutions. There are very different levels of interest depending which city you are in. So in London, for example, there are a lot of people who commute and they are not interested, with passion, in building a second home, so rental there is more interesting,” he said, The Telegraph reported.

Already the Swedish furniture giant takes back old sofas from its Japanese customers and recycles them, using the material to produce new sofas.

Another option could be recyclable carpets. A new form of polyester carpet has been produced that can be completely recycled after use, indefinitely. This would mean that while the manufacturer could own the carpet, you could rent it off them indefinitely.