For many homeowners, the decision over whether to invest in loft conversions in Ripley will be about making their property more suited to their needs, by adding an extra bedroom, providing room for a home office or even just enhancing storage space.

However, Knight Frank recently suggested that loft conversions on existing properties in London, as well as building upwards, have the ability to add 41,000 new homes to the capital, CRL reported.

It’s reasonable to assume that this could also be true of other large cities in the UK, even if the volume of new homes created wouldn’t be as high as in London.

According to the property firm, the added conversion space has a collective value of £51 billion in the capital city. To get its projections, the firm analysed existing properties in zones 1 and 2 to determine their potential for a conversion.

The intention was to identify how many of the buildings in the centre of the city could be developed up without impacting on the skyline.

With space for new developments limited in many parts of the UK, looking up could be one way in which councils and homeowners alike introduce more living space in sought-after urban locations.

If you’re thinking of carrying out a loft conversion at your property, there are a few other improvement projects you may want to consider at the same time. Among them is properly insulating your loft space – not only will this make the rooms in your roof more pleasant places to be, but it will also save you money on your heating bills.