If you’re thinking of having a loft conversion in Long Eaton you may be considering a range of different designs for this space. One thing that you’re likely to be thinking about is how to ensure you have enough light in this new room in your home.

While many people simply pick Velux windows, there are other options. Even though some of these can be more expensive, they can be worth it when you see the finished design.

The Telegraph recently highlighted some of the best ways to introduce more light to your home, with one of the suggestions using a clearstorey if you’re carrying out a loft conversion.

Architect Steve Clarke explained that a clearstorey is a high-level strip of window that’s positioned just below ceiling level.

“It’s a more expensive option than putting in a couple of Veluxes but it has an amazing impact and floods the sitting space with light,” he enthused.

If you’re planning to split your loft conversion into two separate rooms or spaces, using glass blocks as part of the wall or partition can ensure that you still get a good amount of light in both areas, especially if there are larger windows on one side than the other.

Frosted glass is a good option if you’d like there to be privacy in each room, without having to sacrifice the light.

Of course, if you’re installing larger areas of glazing you also need to consider energy efficiency to ensure that you’re not spending too much to keep this space warm or cool at different times of the year, and and that it’s a comfortable room to use.

The Energy Saving Trust recently stressed the importance of investing in the right kind of insulation for your property to make a loft conversion comfortable and keep your energy bills down.