When you have got the best attic conversions Derby has to offer then it is time to work on upgrading the rest of your home.

If you are on a budget here are some ideas for small fixes that can make maximum impact.


Hang new doors

If you can stretch to this, then upgrading the doors in your home can uplift the space. If you have moved into bit of a doer-upper then matching doors can stamp your own mark on a home and make it look much smarter in an instant. Consider glass panels on doors in a small or dark home, to increase the sense of space.


Hang alcove shelves

If you are in an older home it is highly likely you have alcoves. Make a feature of them by installing fitted shelving in these to display books and other items. Alcoves with shelves in also make great feature walls.


Invest in a rug

Good rugs make a room, particularly if you have bare floorboards or other flooring. Bright colours are a great idea if you want to liven up an unloved room. Use rugs to bring a colour theme together or even make it the focus of the room.


Add a runner

It’s highly likely you will want to get up to your new attic conversion via some stairs, so celebrate your new room by investing in a stair runner. These are great for showing off the woodgrain of your stairs as well as brightening the stairwell and reducing the noise coming from them.