There are a number of reasons why adult children move back in with their parents after flying the nest, from financial issues to a relationship breakdown. However, new research shows that this can cause stress for the parents and negatively affect their quality of life.

A study conducted across 17 European countries – although not the UK – by the London School of Economics and Political Science found that parents whose children ‘boomeranged’ experienced a reduction in their quality of life, the BBC reported.

The researchers pointed out that this downturn only happened if there were no children living at home any more – if younger siblings were still in the parental home there was no negative impact – and they explained that they adjusted their findings based on the fact that the reason for the child moving home can also be distressing for parents.

Dr Marco Tosi, study author, told the news provider that the reason for this is that parents find a “new equilibrium” with one another when their children leave home. This is disrupted by a child’s return, and often leads to stress and a lower quality of life for the parents.

Of course, the majority of parents aren’t going to turn their child away if they need support. If your adult children need to move back in – or even if you’d just like to have some extra room for friends and family to stay – you could look into loft conversions in Mansfield as a means of adding an extra room to your home.

Last year, research conducted by Aviva found that 100,000 millennials living with their parents think they may not ever move out of their family home as a result of the combination of low wage growth, high house prices and substantial student debt, the Telegraph reported.